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Tuesday April 12, 2011

Huge thank you to everyone who made it out to Kyler's first birthday! We definitely had a full house! If you want to see the pics, scroll down or click here.


Thursday Feb 3, 2011

Way too long since an update on the site, but today Kyler officially started crawling. I guess you can call it crawling - take a look: Kyler does the crab crawl. In other news, his hair is finally starting to lay down - in most areas.


Tuesday Nov 16, 2010

Time is flying by. My parents came in to visit this past weekend and I'll have some of those photos posted soon. Meanwhile I posted photos from Halloween today. You can see them here. Kyler had a caterpillar outfit but we couldn't keep it on him.


Tuesday Oct 26, 2010

Ok, so I haven't been updating this all that frequently, but at Kyler's last doctor's visit he was up to 17 pounds. He's getting to where he is sitting up for short periods by himself. He's not saying any words, but he definitely has some lungs on him. He squeels when he's excited (anyone know where he got that?) and tries his best to talk back to you if you talk to him. And don't get anything within an arms reach of him because he will grab it and claim it as his own.

And as you'll see on this website and on our Flickr page we got a ton of great photos for Kyler's 6-month-half-birthday (photos from 10/10/10). Those photos are by Jessica Oriole Salay and we think she did an excellent job! It was fun getting out on a Sunday morning and taking some photos out at Dogwood Dell. Kyler even gave us a little smile for a few shots. It figures that he'll laugh and play all day but when a camera comes out the straight face appears. Click here to see the full set of 6-month photos.


Friday April 24, 2010 - 9:00AM

We took Kyler to his 2 week check-up and he has gained 10 oz. in a week! The doc says everything looks good and he's obviously eating well.

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